Magazines (plus some yarn) destash

Wrap Style: from delicate wraps to ponchos, includes shetland triangle
$10 plus actual shipping


Simply Shetland 4: includes Autumn Rose Pullover
$10 plus actual shipping


Rowan 40: includes Juno & Cobweb
$10 plus actual shipping

Rowan 36: includes Ash & Bloom
$10 plus actual shipping


Rebecca 27: includes Apricot Jacket (includes English instructions)

$5 plus actual shipping


All 4 for $15 (or $5 for one) plus actual shipping :
Knitscene Spring 2007: includes Kenobi jacket & Buterfly
Knitscene Fall 2006: includes Central Park Hoodie & Molly Ringwald
Knitscene Summer 2011: includes Radian Yoke & Strafford Tee
Knit 1, Fall/Winter 2008: their issue full of popular online designers, includes Garter Yoke Cardigan, Marlene, and Relm


$5 for one or both for $8 plus actual shipping:
Holiday Gifts 2006: includes Backyard Leaves Scarf & Stockings
Holiday Gifts 2007: Includes December Lights Tam & Koolhaas


$5 for one or all 3 for $12 plus actual shipping:
VK Fall 2008: includes many great mitten patterns & Forestry Cardigan
VK Fall 2006: missing cover and p 73-74 (pic of Fair Isle U-neck pullover, pattern is still included), includes many sock patterns
VK Winter 09/10: includes color mittens and #17 Man’s Cable Cardigan


All 3 for $12 (or $5 for one) plus actual shipping :
Interweave Knits Spring 2008: includes Printed Silk Cardigan (3 pencil markings in margins on p66, Holly Jacket pattern)
Interweave Knits Summer 2008: includes Apres Surf Hoodie
Interweave KnitsFall 2008: includes Estes Vest


All 3 for $12 (or $5 for one) plus actual shipping :
Interweave Knits Winter 2006: cover torn by cat, includes Cardigan for Arwen, Nantucket Jacket, & Venezia pullover (2 pen markings on p26, Equestrian Blazer pattern & several pen markings on p14, Cardigan for Arwen pattern)
Interweave Knits Summer 2006: includes Icarus Shawl, Cambridge Jacket, & Lotus Blossom Tank (pen markings on p102, Lotus Blossom Tank Pattern)
Interweave Knits Fall 2006, includes Swallow Tail Shawl & Sienna Cardigan


All 4 for $15 (or $5 for one) plus actual shipping :
Interweave Knits Winter 2007: includes Henley Perfected & Gathered Pullover
Interweave Knits Spring 2007: includes Dollar and a Half Cardigan & Cable Down Raglan
Interweave Knits Summer 2007: includes Motego Bay Scarf & Josephine Top
Interweave Knits Fall 2007: includes Cobblestone Pullover, Tangled Yoke Pullover, & Tilted Duster (highlighter and pen markings on Tangled Yoke pattern, still easy to follow)


All 4 for $15 (or $5 for one) plus actual shipping :
Interweave Knits Fall 2005: includes Veste Everest & Union Square Market Pullover
Interweave Knits Winter 2005: includes Embossed Leaves Socks & Pearl Buck Swing Jacket
Interweave Knits Spring 2009: includes Whisper Cardigan & Fountain Pen Shawl
Interweave Knits Fall 2009: includes Rosamund’s Cardigan & Every Way Wrap


All 5 for $15 plus actual shipping:
Spin Off: Winter 2007, Summer 2008, Fall 2008, Winter 2008 Spring 2011


3 for $25, or $10 each: Craft Magazine, issues 1, 3 $ 5


Also, destashing some yarn, see my ravelry.

The Urban Homesteader’s Winter Hat

I submitted a pattern for Knitty’s winter issue, but it was rejected because it was a similar concept to Piggle which was published recently. So I will offer it here for anyone interested in a quick gift knit.

I’ll be back soon with some hot off the needles projects, but for now, here’s a cut and paste from my pattern submission with a link to the pdf:

The Urban Homesteader Hat

Urban Homesteader Hat

Pig tails and Pony tails and Chickens, Oh My! All in the urban backyard.
Wear this whimsical yet practical hat with pride.
The idea for this hat started when I was (yet again) about to leave the house in winter without a hat on because I did not want to stretch out my hat with my ponytail. P-funk asked why I just didn’t make a hat that I could wear with a ponytail. I started think of ways to accomplish this without leaving drafty holes in the hat open all the time.
The idea developed from there to include pigtails. Yes, most adult women do not wear pigtails, but those of use with bobs know that it is the most practical way to keep our hair out of the way. Maybe the hat is a bit much for you, but it can be a great fun and useful hat for a girl in your life. The perfect thing to grab as you run outside, whether you are going out to the store or out to feed the chickens.

And with pigtails

Pattern:   urbanhomesteader.pdf

And I will leave you with Zeeba giving you her fierce look.

Zeeba looking fierce

Stress Ball Hat Pattern

Stress Ball hat

Looks great on the fellas
Looks great on the fellas, too.

The Stress Ball Hat

The story of the name is here. I have some notes on sizing at the end of the pattern that you may want to read first, but I wanted to keep the pattern/recipe simple.

Yarn: Rowan Big Wool, 1 ball (shown in Gingersnap)
You may also want some scraps of contrast yarn for the ties

Needles: 16″ circular US15 & DPNs (I used US11 DPNs b/c that is what I had)
Stitch Gauge: 9st to 4in on US15 needles
Row Gauge: doesn’t matter
Finished size: 20″[22"]

CO 45[50] stitches
Place marker (this will indicate the back of the hat) and join in the round
Work 8 rounds in garter stitch (p 1 round, k 1 round) starting with a purl round.
Then knit only until hat measures 6″ from cast on edge.
On next round, place a marker every 9[10] sts. (You will have placed 5 markers, including the marker at the beginning of the round.)
Decrease round: [K until 2 sts before marker, k2tog] repeat until end of round
K one round
Work Decrease round
K one round
Work Decrease round only, until there are 5 sts left. (Switch to DPNs when necessary)
Break yarn and draw through remaining sts.


Starting with the 4th[5th] stitch out from the middle of the back of the hat, pick up 9 stitches.
K1 row (wrong side)
K1, ssk, k3 , k2tog, k1
K all across
K1, ssk, k1, k2tog, k1
K all across
BO all sitches.

Repeat on other side of hat for second earflap.


Draw a length of the main yarn at least 30″ long through one of the middle edge stitches of the earflap. This will form two of the strings of the braid.
Draw a length of the constrast yarn (same length) through the neighboring edge stitch. I used a brown worsted weight yarn that I then held together as the third string when I was braiding.
Braid the yarns together until they are the desired length, knot, and cut.

Make Pom-pom and attach.

On size:
I realize that most people will not make a gauge swatch for this small project. I mean, it’s a no stress project. I didn’t swatch either.
I made the 50stitch/22inch circumference size for myself. I was originally aiming for a 20″circumference, but I ended up liking the comfy, no ease fit of the hat anyway.

I am a fairly loose knitter that usually has to go down at least one needle size from what most patterns recommend. If you are an average to tight knitter, you will probably get a smaller hat by following the 50st directions, since your gauge will be closer to 10st/4in, making it a 20″ hat.
However, if you like a really snug hat, you may want to make the 45 st hat.

On yarn:
I liked the Rowan Big Wool for this hat. I’m fairly sensitive to wool, but I can wear this merino next to my skin with no problem. It also comes in beautiful colors. If you can snag a ball on sale, it is totally worth it.
That being said, I don’t think the yarn is anything incredibly special for the price, besides being nice and big. The price point is a bit much for making anything besides a hat or scarf, in my opinion. Although, once again, if you can snag it on sale, it could be fun.

If you want a machine washable hat, the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky says that it can be put in the gentle cycle. The DB is a bit smaller, so to sub it you will need to add stiches. At a gauge of 12st/4in on US11, CO 60 stitches and adjust the recipe from there. You may also want to make the earflaps with 11 sts instead of 9.

*Please let me know if anything is confusing or wrong.

Edited to add:

Ravelry users can now queue it here.

The Stress Ball Hat

Edited to add:

I hear the call for the pattern!  I will be putting up a post with the pattern in it either tonight (Sat) or tomorrow morning.

Perhaps it is really just me, but I sincerely believe that we have all had one of those weeks. A week where one thing kind of sets you on edge, and after that all little things that wouldn’t normally cause stress really drive you crazy.

Stress Ball Hat

Let’s say (just hypothetically of course) that your computer breaks. Let’s then say that you get two job interviews scheduled for the same day.

Well, after that you start having stress balls form in your chest and head about everything. Ahhh the kitchen is dirty! Ahhh I need to get this artwork completed! Ahhh, there are too many things on my needles! But damn, there is no orange on my needles….I want orange on my needles!

Stress Ball Hat

Okay so maybe that is not you; I think that situation is entirely me.

What to do? 3hr hat!

Stress Ball hat

I love my stress ball hat. It made me smile the whole time (Especially when Melissa mentioned it’s resemblance to a Jayne hat.) It made me smile when it was done and I wore it around the house the rest of the night lip syncing to my new Tori. This part was definitely amusing to P-funk also.

So what if I bomb the interviews? I have this awesome hat. In fact I should just wear it to the interviews and say “Look at my hat! You should hire me right now.”

This hat, it wipes away the stress like magic.

Stress Ball Hat

Perhaps you go into your first interview completely non stressed. However, you then reject the place 10 minutes into the interview and professionally state that you are not interested in that position. See the hat is empowering, also, no job grovelling. If someone peruses my cover letter and resume in front of me for what is obviously the first time, that (among other things) puts the job in the “No” category.

I then came home and wore my hat some more (and yes, I do have air conditioning). Onto the next interview….maybe I really should take the hat this time.

Stress Ball Hat

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Rowan Big Wool in Gingersnap (1 skein)

Needles: US 15

I’m happy to write up a quick pattern if anyone is interested. It is really super simple.